Numa – Drilling Its Way into YouTube

June 25, 2015

Thompson, CT USA




Numa, a leading designer and manufacturer of Down-The-Hole Hammers and Bits, has announced recently that it will be utilizing YouTube to demonstrate their top of the line drill tools in action.”Numa Down-The-Hole Hammers and Bits are being run all over the world, and I am very excited to start using YouTube to demonstrate their power and efficiency” states Numa’s President Ralph Leonard. “We are planning not only to post our tools in action, but also ‘how-to’ videos to help educate our customers – for example, breaking down, cleaning, and re-assembling hammers. We have expanded our Engineering Department personnel and are utilizing state of the art software to continue providing our customers with the most innovative drilling solutions on the market. We feel that utilizing YouTube will help continue to give our customers the peace of mind that we’ll always be there with the industry’s best performing, most reliable products and the industry’s best service and support. We live in a great time that information can be readily accessed 24 hours a day, and Numa is proud to be a part of it.”

Since their simple beginning in 1985, Numa has become a major manufacturer of down hole hammers and bits for the domestic and international drilling industry. The company designs and builds down hole hammers and bits for drilling vertical and horizontal holes 3-1/2 to 48 inches (89 – 1219 mm) in diameter.
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