Numa Announces Utility Pole Rock Drills

May 19, 2020


Numa, the world’s leading drilling technology provider, has released a range of Utility Pole Rock Drills offering a complete solution for installation of pole sockets when drilling rock, overburden, boulders, or bedrock.

Numa’s ongoing product innovation and results-oriented consistency has been the lifeblood for Numa for the past 35 years,” said Numa President, Ralph Leonard. “Our Utility Pole Rock Drills continue this legacy with a high quality product delivering dependable results across many different applications.”

Numa’s Utility Pole Rock Drills consist of a variety of components including hammers, bits, swivels, shock subs, adaptors, and shrouds capable of drilling holes 11⅞” to 36” (302 – 914 mm) in diameter. Built for dependable rock drilling and fast penetration rates, Numa’s pole drilling products allow utility contractors to complete utility poles more quickly than traditional auger drilling or blasting methods.

Some of the many benefits of Numa’s Utility Pole Rock Drills include: customizable designs to accommodate various applications and conditions, hex connections for quick changeover to different hole diameters, easy hammer maintenance due to only 8 major hammer parts, and deep expertise for driller support.

Please see additional details below or visit Numa Utility Pole Rock Drills for full greater insight and access to our brochure.

  • P120 for drilling holes 11⅞” to 17½” (302 – 445 mm) in diameter
  • P125 for drilling holes 12¼” to 20” (311 – 508 mm) in diameter
  • P180 for drilling holes 18” to 30” (457 – 762 mm) in diameter
  • P240 for drilling holes 24″ to 36″ (610 – 914 mm) in diameter

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