Below is a list of our hammers


  • Champion RC300

    Hole Size: 30" to 36" (762mm to 914mm)
    Hammer Outside Diameter: 28 (711mm)

    Bit Shank: RC300
    Connection Size: Several
  • Champion RC210

    Hole Size: 21" to 26" (533mm to 660mm)
    Hammer Outside Diameter: 20 (508mm)

    Bit Shank: RC210
    Connection Size: 10 Beco
  • Champion RC160

    Hole Size: 16" to 20" (406mm to 508mm)
    Hammer Outside Diameter: 15.5 (394mm)

    Bit Shank: RC160
    Connection Size: 10 Beco
  • Challenger RC100

    Hole Size: 10" to 15" (254mm to 381mm)
    Hammer Outside Diameter: 9.5 (241mm)

    Bit Shank: RC100
    Connection Size: 7.625 RC Modified
  • Patriot RC50

    Hole Size: 5.25" to 5.75" (133mm to 146mm)
    Hammer Outside Diameter: 4.875 (124mm)

    Bit Shank: PRC50
    Connection Size: 4.5 RC

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