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Numa is the world’s leading drilling technology provider, dedicated to ongoing product innovation and results-oriented consistency. For 39 years, we’ve built a strong legacy of high quality, made in the USA rock drilling hammers and bits for vertical, horizontal, and reverse circulation holes 3½ to 50½ inches (89 – 1283 mm) in diameter.

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What Sets Numa Apart

  • Made in the USA quality and dependability
  • Deep expertise in a wide range of drilling applications
  • Dedicated, in-house engineering team
  • Over 110 products for drilling in hard rock, overburden, or loose strata
  • Configurable designs for various drilling needs
  • Highest value in product performance and personal service
  • Serving the construction, oil & gas, mining, quarry, geothermal, water well, HDD, horizontal boring equipment, and other rock drilling industries

Our customers around the world use Numa’s deep hole drilling products in a wide range of applications from just a few feet to 1000’s of feet/metres deep. In fact, one of the deepest holes on record was drilled to 17,600 feet (5364 m) below the surface. Now that is performance! For more information on our dependable, durable down the hole Drills and HDD Hammers and Bits, contact us today.

The Best Down the Hole Manufacturer in the Business

When it comes to specialized drilling, Down the Hole (DTH) drills are at the forefront of efficiency and power. Manufactured by the best DTH manufacturer in the industry, these drills guarantee unmatched performance. Utilizing a down hole hammer to produce percussive blows directly to the DTH bits, the drilling process is both fast and effective. With this advanced down the hole drilling system, you’re not just making holes—you’re making quality holes in record time.

One of the most crucial components in the system is the down hole hammer. It operates seamlessly with the drill rig, channeling the air or fluid down through the drill string. The down hole hammer then transforms this energy into a powerful hammering action, driving the DTH bits into the rock. Because of the direct percussive action, down the hole drills can penetrate hard formations that would be too challenging for other types of drills.

The best down the hole bits are manufactured from high-grade materials that provide long-lasting durability and exceptional cutting ability. These are the kinds of quality down the hole products that professionals insist upon. When you pair these bits with a reliable down hole hammer, your DTH drilling system will function at peak performance.

The best DTH manufacturer not only offers exceptional drills but also a wide range of DTH hammers and bits. This ensures compatibility and the ability to tailor your down the hole drilling system to specific project requirements. From DTH drills with unparalleled penetration rates to the best DTH bits designed for maximum lifespan, these are quality DTH products that stand the test of time.

If you’re looking for a drilling solution that offers speed, power, and precision, then DTH drills and their complementary parts are your best bet. With a reliable down hole hammer and high-quality DTH bits, you can tackle even the most challenging drilling conditions. Numa is the best DTH provider, ensuring you get quality down the hole products that make your drilling operation a cut above the rest.

Our commitment gives our customers the peace of mind that we’ll always be the manufacturer leader in rock drilling equipment with the industry’s best performing, most reliable down the hole and HDD rock drilling products and the industry’s best service and support.

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    Innovation and Configuration

    Numa has always been focused on delivering results. We understand that one size does not fit all so we are committed to providing unrivaled innovation and configuration options. We partner with drillers to gain first-hand insight for advancing rock drilling product designs. This has led to pioneering the development of leading drilling technologies, including large diameter hammers and bits, HDD drilling systems, dual fluid systems, ring bits, and overburden products.

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    Unparalleled Customer Support

    Numa’s dedicated drilling experts provide unparalleled customer support. Whether it is consulting on a difficult project where specialized directional boring drills are required or assisting with choosing the best down the hole drills for the job, our team can provide the insight and know-how to get the job done. Many of our team members have over 25 years of experience, allowing our customers to receive expertise that only years in the industry provides.

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    Unmatched Quality and Consistency

    For decades, Numa has built a strong legacy of unmatched quality and consistency in each and every product we design and manufacture in our U.S. factory. We use the best materials, invest in the latest machine tools, and utilize rigid manufacturing practices so our products deliver in the field. Our Quality Test Certificate ensures products have been tested and fully conform to Numa’s rigid quality standard.

Numa Technology Around the Globe

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Numa serves a global customer base with our vertical drilling tools and horizontal directional drilling equipment at work on every continent and tough job site there is. Our drilling equipment is built to last.


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