Product Application

Oil & Gas Drilling

Drills Holes 3½″ to 48″ (89 to 1219 mm)

Hammers, Bits & Expertise for Oil & Gas Drilling

Numa has supported the oil and gas patch with dependable and fast drilling products for over 30 years. But products don’t make a company a success alone. You have to have expertise to go with it. Our experts have decades of experience not only selling O&G products but running actual drilling projects so we understand the demands and pressure customers are under.

Oil & Gas Drilling

Small Conventional

3 ½” – 10″
89 to 254 mm

Large Conventional

9 ⅞” – 48″
251 to 1219 mm

Overburden Bits

5 ⅛” – 48″
130 to 1219 mm

Hole Openers

6″ – 24″
152 to 610 mm

Bit Retainers

 5 ½” – 36″
140 to 914 mm


Oil & Gas Drilling


Gas Exploration Project

Location: West Virginia, Eastern USA

Gas Storage Well Project

Location: Pennsylvania, Eastern USA

Integrity Services Project

Location: Permian Basin, Texas USA

Methane Gas Exploration

Location: Cheshire, United Kingdom

Natural Gas Exploration to Great Depths

Location: West Texas USA

oil & gas Drilling Products to Meet Your NEeds

Our decades of drilling industry experience has resulted in 110+ products designed for a wide range of applications.

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Numa is the world’s leading drilling technology provider, with the highest value in products, performance and service in the entire drilling industry.

Numa’s wide range of oil and gas products offer drillers the flexibility to have the right tools for the right projects. This includes our top quality, Made in the USA hammers and bits, retained bits, medium, hard, or PolyCrystalline Diamond Carbide (PCD) carbides, unique plate drive systems, and our special Vortex Backhead.  All designed to handle the challenges of the patch. 

Need proof? How about continuous drilling without the incident of drill or bit failure to a depth of 17,600 feet (5368 m). Now, that is dependability!

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