Product Application

Geothermal Drilling

For Holes 3½″ to 48″ (89 to 1219 mm)

Performance & Reliability for Geothermal Drilling

Numa boasts over three decades of experience with deep hole drilling in a wide range of applications, ground formations, and locations around the globe. We understand the demands of high temperature/hard rock geothermal drilling and are keenly aware of the challenges of deep hole cleaning dynamics. Our dedicated team of in-house engineers and on-site experts will work with you to tailor products to put you in the best position for success.

Geothermal Drilling

Small Conventional

3 ½” – 10″
89 to 254 mm

Large Conventional

9 ⅞” – 48″
251 to 1219 mm

Reverse Circulation

5 ¼” – 36″
133 to 914 mm

Overburden Bits

5 ⅛” – 48″
130 to 1219 mm

Utility Pole Rock Drills

11 ⅞” – 36″
302 to 914 mm

Hole Openers

6″ – 24″
152 to 610 mm

Casing Ring Bits

16″ – 48″
406 to 1219 mm

Bit Retainers

 5 ½” – 36″
140 to 914 mm

Geothermal Drilling


Geothermal Drilling Project

Location: Kansas, Central USA

Geothermal Surface Hole

Location: Jardboranir, Iceland

Heat Loop Drilling Project

Location: Pennsylvania, Eastern USA

Geothermal Drilling Products to Meet Your NEeds

Some of the many benefits of partnering with Numa for geothermal drilling include:

  • Drilled to depths of 15,000 feet (4572 meters).
  • Expertise in heat loop and deep/hot hole drilling in different formations.
  • Understanding of deep hole cleaning dynamics.
  • Faster penetration rates than conventional rotary methods.
  • Wide range and flexible configuration of drilling products.
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Numa is the world’s leading drilling technology provider, with the highest value in products, performance and service in the entire drilling industry.

Numa’s unparalleled customer support was demonstrated on a recent deep hole geothermal project in Finland. Numa designed and manufactured highly specialized products and provided on-site experts for drilling in hard granite (up to 520 MPa hardness). The result was drilling to an astounding 15,092 feet (4600 meters) which is the deepest hole ever drilled in Finland!

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