Overburden Bits / Super Jaws


For Holes 5½″ to 42″ (457 to 1066 mm)

Unmatched Performance for Overburden Drilling

Numa’s Super Jaws® Overburden Bits deliver unmatched performance for simultaneous drilling and casing in overburden and other applications with concern for potential hole collapse. Super Jaws has wings that extend out beyond casing to drill a full diameter hole. Upon completion, the wings retract and all tooling returns to the surface while leaving the casing in place. No expensive tools are left down the hole and no starter casing teeth are required, saving time and money.

Super Jaws Overburden Drilling

Overburden Drilling Products to Meet Your NEeds

Proudly Made in the USA, Super Jaws bits are used on a wide variety of applications including:

  • Piles 
  • Boreholes
  • Caissons
  • Micro-Piles & Mini-Piles
  • Tiebacks
  • Soil Nail
  • Piers
  • Shafts
  • Anchors
  • Water Wells
  • Monitoring
  • Geothermal
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Super Jaws is available in two versions:

Drive Shoulder
Utilizes a drive shoe welded to the front of the casing, so the bit and casing advance simultaneously as the Drive Shoulder on the guide body contacts the drive shoe.

No Drive (ND) Shoulder
Used with thick wall casing or thick wall threaded casing. The guide body has no drive shoulder and the casing is advanced via a casing hammer, duplex diverter, or dual rotary.

Benefits of Super Jaws Overburden Bits include:

  • Requires no drive shoe when used with dual rotary or duplex setup rigs
  • Provides outstanding underreaming results in overburden and solid rock
  • Delivers faster penetration rates due to large bit surface area contacting formation
  • Avoids potential failures seen with competitor multi-part designs
  • Allows all tooling to be returned to the surface for re-use on future jobs
  • Removes reverse rotation requirements and risk of losing tooling down the hole

Overburden Bits

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Super Jaws® Overburden Bits

Hole Size: 5.125 to 48" (130mm to 1219mm)

Super Jaws® ND Overburden Bits

Hole Size: 5.125 to 48" (130mm to 1219mm)


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