Bit Retention Systems


For Holes 5½″ to 36″ (140 – 916 mm)

Retain and Retrieve Bit Head

  • Entire unit (Bit, Retainer, and Chuck) is affixed to hammer
  • Minimizes risk of shanks and losses down hole
  • Range of sizes and types for various applications
  • Simple, easy assembled design
  • Robust and durable construction
  • Full contact around the entire circumference of the Retainer / Bit interface

Bit Retention Systems

More Details

Bit Retention Systems

Hole Size: 5.5 to 36" (140mm to 916mm)

Patriot 85 NTR

Hole Size: 7.875 to 8.875" (200mm to 225mm)

Patriot 85Q NTR

Hole Size: 7.875 to 10" (200mm to 254mm)

Challenger 100 NTR

Hole Size: 9.875 to 12" (251mm to 305mm)

Patriot 125 NTR

Hole Size: 12.25 to 20" (311mm to 508mm)

Patriot 185 NTR

Hole Size: 18 to 30" (457mm to 762mm)

Patriot 240 NTR

Hole Size: 24 to 36" (610mm to 914mm)

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