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Extend the life of your hammer

Ensuring optimal hammer performance

Numa’s pneumatic lubricators are positive displacement, air drilling, lubrication systems designed to inject rock drill oils into the air line under positive pressure to ensure the proper amount of oil is supplied to the air hammer while drilling. Numa offers multiple versions including:

  • 5 gallon (19 liter) reservoir for 3″ to 6″ hammers
  • 15 gallon (57 liter) reservoir for 12″ hammers and smaller
  • 45 gallon (170 liter) reservoir for 18″ hammers and larger

All models offer a positive displacement pump for oil drilling that is capable of pumping up to 20 quarts (18.9 liters) per hour at 1,500 PSI (103 Bar) to pneumatic hammers/bits and pneumatic rock drills. The required supply air pressure is a maximum of 85 PSI (6 Bar) while the supply to output pressure ratio is 17.6:1. The pumps are adjustable for stroke length and number of strokes per minute.

5 gallon lubricator
15 gallon lubricator
45 gallon lubricator

Enviro Lube & BioLube

Non-toxic, biodegradable lubrication alternative

Enviro Lube

In drilling applications where petroleum distillates are not allowed to lubricate your down hole hammer, Numa now offers hammer lubricants, a non-toxic and biodegradable alternative to today’s rock drill oils. Numa Enviro Lube is best suited for use with 3-1/2″ to 6″ down hole hammers in water well and environmental drilling applications. These hammer lubes help keep the contractor drilling in the most demanding environmental applications and helps keep the environment safe!

Numa Enviro Lube is far easier to use, is more cost effective and does not need to be continuously fed like rock drill oils. Hammer lubricants are supplied in a paste form 10 oz. (0.30 l) tube. Utilizing a caulking gun or similar device, simply inject into the hammer by squeezing the tube – it’s that easy! We recommend you inject 2 – 3 oz. (59 – 88 ml) to start and then every 300 feet (91 m) or at 4 hour intervals along with a continuous water injection.

An Exceptional Hammer Lubrication Solution

Due to its superior, long-lasting, lubrication properties, one 10 oz. (0.30 l) tube of Numa Enviro Lube applied multiple times will achieve 1000 to 1500 feet (305 to 457 meters) of drilling. Compared to the 12 gallons (45 l) of rock drill bit oil needed for the same depth, Numa Enviro Lube’s fewer applications and exceptional hammer lubrication quality can help to increase the hammer life and efficiency, equaling greater savings.

For your convenience, Numa Enviro Lube is packed with 20 – 10 oz. (0.30 l) tubes to a case, greatly diminishing storage requirements in the shop or on the rig.

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BioLube RDP 150 Lubricant

BioLube RDP 150 is a readily biodegradable, heavy-duty rock drill lubricant designed to meet the requirements of pneumatic tools, down-hole and surface drilling equipment. It is formulated with high viscosity index natural ester base oil, anti-wear additives, and corrosion protection. The high viscosity index provides superior lubrication in a working hammer.

BioLube RDP 150 has natural polarity and tackiness allowing the lubricant to adhere to tooling surfaces further reducing corrosion and wear in the presence of compressed air.

Features and Benefits

  • High viscosity index to help maintain resistance to flow at higher operational temperatures.
  • Powerful polarity (or stickiness) to the tool surface protecting against wear and corrosion.
  • Strong anti-wear additives to protect the equipment.
  • Five ISO grades to keep you operational in a large temperature range.
  • Foam resistant.
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