Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)


For Holes 3⅞” to 10” (98 to 254 mm)

Hammers, Bits & Expertise for Horizontal Directional Drilling

HDD contractors rely on Numa products for fast and dependable drilling in hard rock, overburden, or loose strata formations. We offer a wide variety of HDD Drilling Systems consisting of HDD hammers, bits, side load sonde housings, bent subs, and adaptors for a wide variety of applications.

Numa is the world’s leading drilling technology provider, with the highest value in products, performance and service in the entire drilling industry.

Numa’s HDD experts have years of experience with horizontal drilling systems, fluids, bits, reamers, rock tools, swivels, and more. Available onsite or by phone, our drilling experts support customers with the insight to maximize their investment in the best HDD rock drilling equipment on the market.

HDD Products to Meet Your NEeds

Benefits of Numa’s HDD offerings include:

  • Industry leading steerability
  • Outstanding rate of penetration
  • Simple design allows for field maintenance
  • Reduced air requirement results in lower cost per foot
  • More efficient and durable internal design
  • High frequency operation of rock drills provides less vibration


More Details

HDD 35 Directional Hammer

Hole Size: 3.875 to 4" (98mm to 102mm)

HDD 40 Directional Hammer

Hole Size: 4.75 to 5" (121mm to 127mm)

HDD 50 Directional Hammer

Hole Size: 5.75 to 6.125" (146mm to 156mm)

HDD 60 Directional Hammer

Hole Size: 7 to 7.50" (178mm to 191mm)

HDD 80 Directional Hammer

Hole Size: 9.75 to 10" (248mm to 254mm)


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Location: Tecolotito, New Mexico

Fiber Optics Installation Under Interstate Highway

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina USA

Gas Line HDD Project

Location: Kentucky & Tennessee USA

HDD Crossing Project

Location: Frankfort, Kentucky USA

Underground Power Supply

Location: Amsterdam, New York

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