Numa Supports Growth & Customers with ERP Software

February 28, 2017


Numa, the world’s leading drilling technology provider, has announced it has chosen new enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to support its continued business growth.

Offering the widest range of DTH hammers and bits used in over 105 countries, Numa has continued to gain market share in multiple drilling markets around the world. To support its growth, Numa selected new ERP software to position the company for further expansion and to better support its customers.

Dave Gorman, Vice President at Numa, commented, “Our ERP investment provides an end-to-end solution to improve visibility across the organization and customer base. By accelerating access to information, we can make the right decision at the very time decisions need to be made. This translates into more efficient, cost-effective operations and an improved customer experience.”

Since 1985, Numa has built a customer-centric reputation by putting an emphasis on providing the highest value in products, performance and personal service available in the rock drilling industry. Its commitment to drillers was a driving force behind the new ERP investment as it will enhance Numa’s ability to consistently manufacture and deliver the quality products customers have come to expect. In addition, Numa customers will benefit from faster quotes, faster delivery times, improved pricing and continued design of performance driven DTH hammers and bits.

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