Numa Announces New Corporate and Super Jaws Videos

March 21, 2018


Numa, the world’s leading drilling technology provider, announces the release of two new videos spotlighting the company’s capabilities and its industry leading Super Jaws® Overburden Bits. The videos are available on the Numa YouTube site.

The new corporate video highlights the many benefits Numa provides the DTH drilling industry.  For over 30 years, Numa has demonstrated its leadership by designing innovative products, diversifying across multiple industry segments, and focusing on serving a global marketplace. The company has hundreds of years of combined rock drilling expertise encompassing all aspects of design, manufacturing, sales, and service. Numa’s expertise and commitment to drillers has led to the development of over 110 rock drilling products and 13 patents to better serve customers. Products are in use in 105+ countries where customers are drilling vertical, horizontal, and reverse circulation holes from 3½ to 50½ inches (89 – 1283 mm) in all types of hard rock, overburden, or loose strata formations.

Rock Bits

Super Jaws Bit Face

The product video details how Numa’s Super Jaws Overburden Bits are the best method for simultaneously drilling and casing  5½” to 42” (139 – 1,067 mm) holes in unconsolidated ground conditions of overburden, boulders, or bedrock. The unique design utilizes wings that extend out to drill a full diameter hole. Upon completion, the wings retract back into the bit body and all tooling is brought back to the surface while leaving the casing in place. There is no reverse rotation required, nor any expensive rings, saving drillers time and money.

“We are excited to release two new videos that highlight Numa’s industry leading capabilities and technology”, said Numa Vice President, Dave Gorman. “The videos demonstrate a few of our key differentiators in the market including our deep experience as DTH experts, our dedication to customer service, and our technological innovation. All of which are crucial factors in maintaining our presence as market leaders and “go to” resources for drillers worldwide.”

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