Application Water Well Drilling
Location Northeastern USA
Hammer Challenger 120 & Champion 80 Hammers
Bit Conventional
Hole Size 12 inches (305 mm) & 10 inches (254 mm)
Depth or Length 500 feet (153 m)
Formation Granite
Rig Type Jaswell 1200


Numa has been supplying the water well industry with DTH products for over twenty years. During this time, we have provided commercial and residential water well drilling contractors with DTH products for virtually any size holes.

Our customers have grown to realize that in addition to unheard of personal service, Numa also offers top quality hammers and bits that drill faster and last longer. That’s why Numa is continually called upon to provide the drilling tools necessary for some of the most demanding water well drilling jobs in the world.

One such job was conducted in the Northeastern United States. A New England fish hatchery planned a major expansion to accommodate the growing need for raising fish and releasing them into local lakes and streams for public recreation. Because an abundant supply of fresh water is literally the lifeblood of the hatchery business, several new wells producing a very high volume of water were required.

The expansion project required four holes to be drilled in order to supply a sufficient amount of water for the hatchery. The drilling contractor, Laframboise Drilling, used a Numa Challenger 120 hammer with a 12″ (305 mm) bit for two holes and a Champion 80 hammer with 10″ (254 mm) bit for the other two holes. All drilling was conducted by a Jaswell 1200 rig with two 900/350 (425 l/sec / 24 bar) compressors.

The location selected for the water wells was indigenous to extremely hard granite formations and very difficult back pressure conditions. On many occasions in this area, competitive hammers could not drill against the tremendous back pressures that were commonly encountered. With this in mind, the contractor selected the Numa hammers because they are designed to handle the most demanding drilling situations including very high back pressures.

Laframboise began drilling with the Numa hammers and tapped a huge water source 150′ (45 m) below the surface. Despite the considerable amount of back pressure, drilling continued to total depth of 500′ (153 m). Drilling against an amazing 1,400 gallons per minute (5299 l/min), the Numa hammers continued to drill flawlessly where competitive hammers would have been stopped dead in their tracks.