Application Quarry - Blast Hole Drilling
Location Minnesota, Northern USA
Hammer Champion 60 Hammer
Bit Conventional
Hole Size 6-1/2 inches (165 mm)
Depth or Length Total Drilled - 100,000 feet (30,500 m)
Formation Abrasive granite
Rig Type Bucyrus Erie


Meridian Aggregates of St.Cloud. Minnesota conducts production drilling in one of the toughest quarry applications in the world. Not only is the formation hard but it is abrasive, fractured and just plain nasty. It’s the kind of drilling that eats hammers up. That is until plant manager, Frank Lyons, tried Numa’s 6″ hammer.

Being in the competitive quarry industry, Frank needed a hammer he could rely on. One that would provide top performance and wouldn’t break down against the elements. Meridian chose Numa to conquer their most difficult task.

Frank Lyons says it best about the performance of Numa’s 6″ hammers:

“We do a lot of production drilling and can’t afford down time. Being in an industry where reducing drilling costs have become critical, we were looking for a hammer that would give us the performance we needed along with wear life. The Numa 6″ hammer has been able to out perform any other hammer we have run and we have consistently experienced over twice the life. After drilling 100,000 feet (30,500 m) with one hammer, I feel the Numa product can out perform any hammer on the market.”

Meridian Aggregates drills 60 foot (mm) bench lengths using Numa products powered by 825/300 (389 l/sec / 20 bar) compressors. The Numa hammer proved to be the perfect solution for Meridian, providing superior life due to its thicker, reversible case and hardened backhead, case and chuck. All of these features allowed Meridian Aggregates to successfully drill farther with the Numa hammer than possible with any other hammer on the market.