Thompson, CT USA

Numa, a leading designer and manufacturer of down hole hammers and bits, has announced the addition of the Impact Ring Bit System® to its rock drilling product line. The Impact Ring Bit System® is a technically advanced, efficient means of drilling both horizontally and vertically in any type of application that requires simultaneous drilling and casing.

The Impact Ring Bit System® consists of a unique two-piece design incorporating a center and ring bit combination. The center bit is attached directly to the DTH hammer that will be used to power the drilling while the ring bit is welded to the casing being installed. The hammer and center bit are inserted through the casing and the two bits work in unison to install the casing while drilling. Upon completion of the hole, the center bit and drill string can be pulled back out the hole leaving the casing installed. The ring bit is also fully recoverable in horizontal applications that utilize pit to pit drilling techniques. This provides the added benefit of lower equipment costs because the product can be used again and again on multiple projects.

Two features of the Impact Ring Bit System® are it’s ability to drill quickly and accurately. Penetration rates in granite have yielded speeds in excess of 8 inches/minutes (200 mm/min) while staying within 0.5% of accuracy. This provides the drilling industry with the fastest means available on the market today for setting casing in difficult ground conditions.

Impact Ring Bit Systems® are available for many different styles of casing including steel, P.E., or concrete/clay pipes and are capable of drilling holes 9-1/4″ to 43-11/16″ (235  1,120 mm) in diameter. The system is perfectly suited for vertical and horizontal applications such as piles, pipelines, sewer / water rehabilitation, tie backs, tunneling under roads and buildings or any other casing installation project.