Numa, the world’s leading drilling technology provider, announced the completion of an energy efficient LED lighting initiative.  The retrofit of their Thompson, CT headquarters and manufacturing facility is an upgrade to the company’s entire lighting system, both inside and out. The advancement will substantially reduce energy consumption, lower operating costs, and improves the working environment for its employees.

Numa worked with Greenleaf Energy Solutions to replace over 400 fluorescent bulbs and fixtures with high efficiency LED units. To further advance the savings, all office areas and meeting rooms were equipped with occupancy sensors.  The sensors not only turn off lights when areas are unoccupied but also can control the amount of light to provide for an optimal working environment.  The LED retrofit is estimated to save Numa over $18,000 in annual lighting costs.

“The decision to move forward with the LED retrofit was an easy one,” said Ralph Leonard, President of Numa, “We will realize a 40% reduction in light costs, meet strict industry lighting standards, and improve the appearance of our manufacturing and office facilities. The new lighting system dramatically brightens up our facility and further illuminates Numa’s world’s leading drilling technology.”


Numa provides the world’s leading drilling technology with over 100 DTH Hammer and Bit products serving 11 different industries. Our products are capable of drilling vertical, horizontal, and reverse circulation holes from 3½ to 48 inches (89 – 1219 mm) in diameter and are used in 105+ countries. We have built our customer-centric reputation on providing the highest value in products, performance and personal service available in the rock drilling industry.