Numa, the world’s leading drilling technology provider, will be exhibiting at Groundwater Week happening December 5 – 7 in Nashville, Tennessee.  Numa will be exhibiting in booth #425 with experienced staff on hand to meet with current and prospective customers and partners.

At the show, Numa will feature the Patriot line of water well hammers and bits capable of drilling holes 3 ½” to 24” (89 – 610 mm) in diameter. Patriot hammers and bits are designed to conquer the most demanding environments in the world. Able to drill at high frequency, Patriot hammers require less air resulting in smoother operation and more efficient drilling. Even against high heads of water.

Also on display will be a Numa T150 Super Jaws® Overburden Bit. Super Jaws bits provide unmatched penetration rates and are the perfect choice for simultaneously drilling and casing 5½” to 42” (139 – 1,067 mm) holes. The unique design utilizes wings that extend out to drill a full diameter hole. Upon completion, the wings retract and all tooling is brought back to the surface while leaving the casing in place. No expensive tools are left down the hole and no starter casing teeth are required.

Come experience the perfect combination of speed and performance delivered by Numa’s water well line by visiting us in Booth #425 at Groundwater Week happening December 5 – 7 in Nashville.


Numa provides the world’s leading drilling technology with over 110 DTH Hammer and Bit products serving 11 different industries. Our products are designed to drill vertical, horizontal, and reverse circulation holes from 3½ to 48 inches (89 – 1219 mm) in diameter in hard rock, overburden, or loose strata formations. Having customers in 105+ countries, we have built our customer-centric reputation on providing the highest value in products, performance, and personal service available in the rock drilling industry.