Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

HDD Hammers, Bits and Accessories

Leading Provider of HDD Equipment: Numa

Discover the excellence of American-made HDD Drilling Systems at Numa. Our extensive range includes HDD hammers, HDD bits, side load sonde housings, bent subs, and adaptors, designed for drilling in tough rock and fractured terrains with hole sizes ranging from 3⅞″ to 10″ (98 – 254 mm). Our horizontal directional drilling solutions cater to every need, offering a blend of efficiency and high performance. Benefits of choosing our HDD tools for your drilling operations include:
• Unmatched steerability in the industry
• Exceptional penetration speed
• Easy-to-maintain, simple designs
• Lower drilling costs due to reduced air requirements
• Internal designs that are both efficient and robust
• High-frequency rock drills minimize vibration

Our commitment goes beyond just supplying equipment. At Numa, we pride ourselves on our trenchless technology expertise, encompassing horizontal drilling systems, fluids, bits, reamers, rock tools, swivels, and more. Our experts, with years of experience, are readily available onsite or via phone to provide valuable insights and help you maximize your investment in top-tier HDD rock drilling equipment.

For professionals engaged in underground construction or utility projects involving pipe, conduit, or cable installation, consider Numa for the finest American-made horizontal directional drilling products available today.

What Sets Numa's HDD Drillers and Components Apart

Numa’s HDD hammers and bits are crafted from superior quality steel, ensuring our products outlast those of other brands in rock drilling applications. Designed for durability, our horizontal directional drilling offerings promise extended usability, maximizing the longevity and efficiency of your HDD equipment. Additionally, the singular bore design of our products optimizes both the bore diameter and resistance to wear, providing a balance of performance and durability. In essence, the Numa HDD line stands out for its reliable performance and prolonged tool life in horizontal drilling operations.

Our full line of HDD hammer bits includes:

• HDD 35 for drilling  holes 3-7/8” to 4” (98 mm – 102 mm)

• HDD 40 for drilling  holes 4-3/4” to 5” (121 mm – 127 mm)

• HDD 50 for drilling  holes 5-3/4” to 6-1/8” (146 mm – 156 mm)

• HDD 60 for drilling  holes 7″ to 7-1/2″ (178 mm – 191 mm)

• HDD 80 for drilling  holes 9-3/4″ to 10″ (248 mm – 254 mm)

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