Thompson, CT USA

For the past fifteen years, Numa has been instrumental in the development of leading DTH technology in the vertical and horizontal drilling industry. These advances have provided drillers with performance driven, long lasting products that have produced winning results. This innovative reputation has been further reinforced with the introduction of the DFS – Dual Fluid Drilling System.

sk77dfsThe DFS is a ground breaking design that consists of a special down hole hammer that uses fluid or slurry to clean the hole instead of air that is commonly used with down hole hammers. Fluid is pumped down a center tube and out the bottom of the drill bit. The pressure of the fluid being pumped down the drill string cleans the bit face and forces all the cuttings up the annulus and outside the casing. This acts to seal off the hole and to prevent any blowouts while drilling. The air that is used to operate the hammer is sent down an air inlet and goes through the hammer to cycle the piston. The air is then exhausted back up through the space located between the hammer and the inside of the casing.

The DFS method offers many benefits including the ability to drill perfectly straight holes, faster penetration rates in rock formations, no building damage resulting from vibration, installation of longer drill pipes than with drifters in a confined area, immediate full bearing capacity and immediate grouting is possible. One of the greatest attributes of the Dual Fluid System is its ability to drill through clay and other soft or loose materials. For conventional down hole hammers this is often an impossible or extremely difficult task. The system has been well received in the construction industry because it provides the ability to continuously drill holes in close proximity to each other, which has never been possible with other drilling methods. With Numa’s Dual Fluid Drilling System, holes can be drilled side-by-side because there is virtually no risk of hole collapse and grouting can follow immediately behind to dramatically save time and money.

DFS45 Bit Face 4-1/2" Center Bit 6-3/16" Ring
DFS45 Bit Face
4-1/2″ Center Bit
6-3/16″ Ring

The DFS is one of the many products that Numa has developed to provide drillers with an efficient, cost effective solution in today’s demanding and competitive marketplace. Chances are that if you have a demanding drilling need, Numa has a DTH product that can help. Look to Numa for results.

Numa is a major manufacturer of horizontal directional drilling products, such as down hole hammers and bits for the international drilling industry. The company designs and builds down hole hammers and bits for drilling vertical and horizontal holes 3-1/2 to 48 inches (89 – 1219 mm) in diameter.