Impact Ring Bit System®


Simultaneous Drilling and Casing

Numa’s Impact Ring Bit System is the best method for simultaneous drilling and casing for horizontal applications. The system is capable of drilling 5-1/4″ to 50-1/2″ (133 – 1283 mm) diameter holes in both overburden and hard rock conditions. The Impact Ring Bit System® is a technically advanced, efficient means of drilling both horizontally and vertically in any type of application that requires simultaneous drilling and casing. Benefits include:

•  Consists of DTH hammer, auger and two-piece ring bits

•  Faster penetration due to large bit surface area contacting formation

•  Saves money as all components are reusable on multiple projects

•  Efficient hole cleaning through large flushing holes and use of an auger 

•  Exceptional performance when used with rail-mounted boring machines

Horizontal Directional Drilling, also known as HDD, is a term used to describe large sized drilling rigs, large diameter bores, and crossing lengths in terms of thousand of feet. The equipment used in horizontal drilling depends on the outer diameter of the pipe, length of the run, ground conditions and the surroundings above ground. Horizontal directional drilling is done with the help of a viscous fluid known as drilling fluid. a mixture of water and, usually, bentonite or polymer continuously pumped to the cutting head or drill bit to facilitate the removal of cuttings, stabilize the bore hole, cool the cutting head, and lubricate the passage of the product pipe.

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Impact Ring Bit System For Directional Drilling (HDD)

The Impact Ring Bit System consists of a DTH hammer, auger and a unique two-piece center/ring bit combination. The hammer provides power for the drilling system while the auger fitted to the backhead of the hammer promotes more efficient hole cleaning. The center bit is connected directly to the hammer and the ring bit is attached directly to the casing being installed.

For Directional Drilling, the hammer, auger and center bit are inserted through the casing and align with the ring bit that is attached to the casing. The casing is advanced during drilling with hole cuttings evacuated back through the drilled hole. Upon completion, the hammer, auger and center bit are pulled back leaving the casing in place. The ring bit can recovered from the end of the casing in pit to pit applications.

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