Utility Pole Rock Drills

Dependable, Durable, Fast

Numa’s Utility Pole Rock Drills provide a complete solution for installation of pole sockets when drilling rock, overburden, boulders, or bedrock. Built for dependable rock drilling and fast penetration rates, our pole drilling products allow utility contractors to complete utility poles more quickly than traditional auger drilling or blasting methods.  Some of the many benefits of Numa’s impressive range of utility pole drills include:

  • Wide range of hole sizes from 11 ⅞” to 48” (302 – 1219 mm)
  • Customizable designs to accommodate various applications and conditions
  • Delivers outstanding results in overburden and solid rock formations
  • Flexible set-ups for use with excavators, utility truck mounts, or rail car mounts
  • Utilizes hex connection for quick changeover to different hole diameters
  • Full line of side inlet air swivels, hex connectors, adaptors, shock subs, shrouds, and lubricators
  • Easy DTH hammer maintenance due to only 8 major hammer parts
  • Unparalleled expertise and support before, during, and after projects

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