Reverse Circulation Hammers & Bits

Incredible Performance & Reliability

Reverse Circulation DTH Hammers

Numa has led the industry in the innovative design of reverse circulation DTH hammers and bits. These RC products have the unique ability to bring all cuttings up the center of the hammer and drill string to be safely collected at the surface, which is essential in today’s environmentally conscious society.

Recently, we have engineered a new, breakthrough RC bit design that drastically improves hole cleaning and overall drilling speed. By deepening the channel ways and side exhausting, the new design is able to efficiently flush more air over the bit face resulting in a greater recovery and accurate down hole sample at the surface – all at a much faster drilling rate.

Standing Up To The Toughest Conditions

Currently, our RC hammer and bit line has the capability to drill holes from 5-1/8″ to 36″ (130 – 914 mm) in diameter, with more designs in the works. As with our conventional line, all RC products provide incredible performance and reliability in tough drilling applications around the world.

Find The Right Hammer For You

Use the application below to narrow down and find the right hammer

  • Hole Openers

    Hole Size: 6" to 24" (152.4mm to 609.6mm)
    Hammer Outside Diameter: (mm)

    Bit Shank:
    Connection Size:
  • Casing Ring Bits

    Hole Size: 16" to 48" (406mm to 1219mm)
    Hammer Outside Diameter: Various (mm)

    Bit Shank: Various
    Connection Size: Various
  • Lubricators – 5, 15 & 45 Gallon

    Hole Size: " to " (mm to mm)
    Hammer Outside Diameter: (mm)

    Bit Shank: N/A
    Connection Size: N/A
  • Super Jaws® Overburden Bits

    Hole Size: 5.125" to 48" (130mm to 1219mm)
    Hammer Outside Diameter: Various (mm)

    Bit Shank: Various
    Connection Size: Various
  • Champion RC300

    Hole Size: 30" to 36" (762mm to 914mm)
    Hammer Outside Diameter: 28 (711mm)

    Bit Shank: RC300
    Connection Size: Several
  • Champion RC210

    Hole Size: 21" to 26" (533mm to 660mm)
    Hammer Outside Diameter: 20 (508mm)

    Bit Shank: RC210
    Connection Size: 10 Beco
  • Champion RC160

    Hole Size: 16" to 20" (406mm to 508mm)
    Hammer Outside Diameter: 15.5 (394mm)

    Bit Shank: RC160
    Connection Size: 10 Beco
  • Challenger RC100

    Hole Size: 10" to 15" (254mm to 381mm)
    Hammer Outside Diameter: 9.5 (241mm)

    Bit Shank: RC100
    Connection Size: 7.625 RC Modified
  • Patriot RC50

    Hole Size: 5.25" to 5.75" (133mm to 146mm)
    Hammer Outside Diameter: 4.875 (124mm)

    Bit Shank: PRC50
    Connection Size: 4.5 RC

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